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Do people really think that’s the first time Sharon gave Alaska a blowie? They just happened to do it on stage this time!

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So versatile.

So versatile.

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I may have something to do with this one :)

I may have something to do with this one :)

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Bottom Two:  Raja & Carmen Carrera
Lip Synch Song:  “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul

These two were GREAT!  One of the BEST Moments of Season 3.  I was shaking while watching Raja but she turned it out!

Carmen did a great job too.  Of course, just as fishy as she wants to be.

This video makes me confused about my sexuality, it’s that hot.

Annoying makeup artist?! I’m pretty sure Sutan was the only reason I stayed obsessed with ANTM as long as I did. What a stunna <3


I used to have such long hair!

Some of you may remember me from when I worked at America’s next top model as the long haired annoying makeup artist who made the occasional snide remark to get himself some “TV time”.

I found these photo’s while feeling nostalgic. I don’t have the patience to grow it out again, who knows!? Maybe I’ll be “smoke-a-hontas” once again!